2020's Funnest Workout Apparel Out Now

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2020's Funnest Workout Apparel Out Now

2020's Getting Close!

With 2020 right around the corner and your workout threads are becoming anything but attractive, isn't it time so spoil yourself? Show of the upgraded the brand new PurFit line of exercise apparel. There are styles and accessories for every age and size. If you don't see what you need, simply hit the Messenger button in the bottom of the page for a direct line to the owner and designer. Don't miss these styles and your chance to be first to show them off!

The Canadian PurFit's mission is to bring comfortable, ethically produced clothing to everyone's closets and dressers. That's why we manufacture our products in North America and Europe. This ensures fair treatment and quality product and with shopping online, it is delivered where ever you want in Canada and the United States!



Static Exercise Line - From Yoga to Marathon 

The PurFit Static Exercise line is comfortable and soft enough for a relaxing yoga session, and strong enough to run laps for days. Made with the best that workout clothing technology has to offer, the outfits also bring a much needed element of style to your routine. These are not the overproduced brands you find on the shelcs of department stores and big box companies. Each piece is designed and stitched by hand for the best look and quality that you can find. The description comes with a size guide in inches and cm to make sure you get the fit that you need. Ditch the worn out old cheap brands and get something that will last and looks great!







The Cat is in the Bag! 

For those who are looking for a more relaxed vibe, we have some lighter and much more fun approach. With the Eat Sleep Cat Repeat collection, you get the durability, comfort and styles you're looking for. A cat lady has never looked as good as you will in these eye catching colors and bold designs.






(I Wish I Was) Rad Like You

 The radical new look of this line is like 1985 met 3005. They come in many sizes with regular and premium styles. They will be the hit look you want and the long lasting apparel you need. The rad style with a form look is what this fall really needs. Don't blend in and get yours now!





There it so much more to choose from and new items like shirts and sports bras  and new designs being added every week, you'll find the styles and performance you need! Don't wait for the new year to come and go without getting into a new you. to thank you for reading we are offering a 15% discount! Copy and paste RESDER to your checkout cart.

Hit the link at the bottom for the page to see more of the PurFit Line. Make sure to sign up for a membership to keep in touch with upcoming accessories and designs!


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