Ab Roller Wheel Trainer with Foot Plate and Resistance Bands

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The belly scooter is a good coach for your abs, strengthens your arms and back.
This device uses the hardest material in order to ensure its effectiveness.
It is light and yet strong enough to withstand shock and pressure.
The tube is manufactured using high-elastic tube, so that it does not even break the powerful pull.


It is an essential home gym equipment for adults and kids.
Innovative design improves the ergonomics of the push up.
It is unique and essential tool, so convenient for using at home.
Effective fitness & weight loss regimen, full body workouts and exercise routines.

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Type: Double-Wheeled
Brand Name: LCQPTW
Application: Breaststroke Abdomen Trainer
Size: 43.3 X 17.3 X 17.6 cm
Type: 6-Second Abdominal Trainer
Roller Size: Roller 12 cm diameter
Material: ABS / PP
Application: Multifunctional Body Building